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Mr. Arevalo was born in a communist country, but his family escaped to America to find a better life. They fled their home with nothing but clothes on their backs and a dream to live in freedom. His parents sacrificed and sent him to a Catholic school, where he discovered his deep-rooted sense of faith and belief in the Word of God.

He earned a bachelor's in engineering and a master's degree, and he has owned multiple businesses throughout his professional career. During his adult years, he experienced many successes and failures as well, both personally and professionally. However, these experiences allowed him to develop a deeper love for God.

He hopes that by sharing his journey, others might find the strength in their souls and grow closer to God.

The book "Let Go and Let GOD" is an activity and journal book is designed to guide you through 52 Days of devotional and inspirational thoughts, meditational prayers, and practical techniques to help you leave behind the burdens of the past and create a happy, balanced life. Each Day, you will find an inspirational reflection with an uplifting Bible verse to inspire faith, peace, happiness, and hope. There are also exercises included that will transform your life. Change Your Life Perspective by Seeing Through Jesus's Eyes.

Mr. Arevalo also created Oli’s Books which is an independent publisher of high-quality children’s books. Our story started with the founders who are a second generation of educators and have ran day care facilities for decades. From that love came the passion and inspiration to bring joy to children via educational books.

Our books are developed with educational goals while providing fun and inspirational curiosity for learning. We develop content and artwork appropriate for the children and their age group.

At Oli's Books, we understand the joy and creativity that coloring brings to young minds. We are a brand dedicated to providing an enchanting world of coloring for kids who love to explore and bring their imagination to life through vibrant hues. With our extensive collection of designs, we offer an immersive coloring experience that children will truly enjoy.

Our passion lies in creating captivating and diverse illustrations that ignite the spark of creativity in every child. From whimsical creatures to magnificent landscapes, from magical adventures to everyday scenes, we have a wide range of themes that cater to the unique interests of each child. Our carefully curated selection ensures that there is always something exciting to discover within the pages of Oli's Books.

We believe that coloring is not just an activity but a journey of self-expression and discovery. That's why we go the extra mile to provide intricate and engaging designs that captivate young artists and inspire them to explore new colors, experiment with different techniques, and unleash their artistic talents. Our illustrations are thoughtfully crafted to encourage imagination, attention to detail, and a sense of accomplishment in every stroke of the crayon.

Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we take pride in the durability and superior paper quality of our coloring books. We understand the enthusiasm with which kids embark on their coloring adventures, and our books are designed to withstand their boundless energy and creativity.

At Oli's Books, we cherish the joy of coloring and believe in nurturing a lifelong love for art. We strive to create a world where kids can immerse themselves in a realm of color, inspiration, and endless possibilities. Join us on this vibrant journey and let your child's imagination soar with Oli's Books - where the magic of coloring begins!

We hope you enjoy our books as much as we do and that you can share it with your love one. Books can build lasting memories and relations.

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